Day 4

creative beard

creative beard

opening day

opening day

I finally got a hold of some images to share. It’s not much but they do represent that day to some degree. Yes that’s me in the beard.

Visitors have come up to me after taking the tour in the exhibition hall and declared that they are “struck” and “emotionally moved”. And I really don’t know what to say but “thanks”. I had no such intention. I only wanted to create something that people could enjoy without a degree in arts. Enjoy the way I enjoy having a beer. Working on the subject from a illustrators point of view the goal was to tell the story. Little did I know that these pieces of clay would carry such emotion. I have really enjoyed these last months immensely. If these last days shows that I actually can do this then the next logical step has to be to do this elsewhere. In a location where I’m a total stranger. A nobody. Nyköping is after all my home turf and surely that does influence the balance.

Any suggestions?


One thought on “Day 4

  1. patrik delin

    I have seen the sculptures and they are fantastic. The story tying them together add so much to each item so splitting it the 25th of March will be a sad day for lovers of beautiful things.

    The ravens are my personal favourites, but the sculptures are all very beautiful.

    But to try to add my two cents; what to do in the future? The story behind the figures are extremely important to me, since it adds a dimension. The dimension of knowledge. I ought to thank you for adding the story to my life. The sculptures are fantastic and for the future I hope to see other – little known stories – come to life in your work. The saga should be your trade mark. Because the expert handlig of clay you already have…


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