Day one

Yesterday was fantastic!

Visitors started poring in before we opened and the stream of family, friends and wonderful people never stopped. We tried to keep track but we lost could at 250+ I can’t remember that I ever talked this much in a day. I actually think I do have some muscle ache in my jaw 🙂

There are so many people I’d like to thank. But above all my family, my mother and Annica Edwall without them this would never have happened. I was so busy interacting with visitors that I forgot to take photos. I’ll have to ask for some from those who took so I can share with you.

I feel like a bird testing my wings. And you all came as the helping wind taking me away on an adventure for life.

I should also thank Joakim Kempff, Don Seegmiller, Philip Straub, Steven Stalberg and David Ehlert, Ryan Kingslien. And the on-line communities such as Conceptart, zbrushcentral, CGhub among others where crit, inspiration and knowledge flow freely to help and grow other artists.

Sculpts and prints

Sculpts and prints