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New method


These animals with thin legs are rather hard to make without armature. So this time I’m testing a new method where I make front and back as separate pieces. If all works as planned I should be able to fuse the two parts without to much trouble. I think that making horses are kind of daunting since I don’t really know what they look like. But yesterday I made my homework and by making this mythological beast I’ll find them all easier in the future. At least they usually come with half the number of legs 🙂


On the quest for gold

The shape shifting dwarf Andvare in the shape of a pike guarding his treasure.

The shape shifting dwarf Andvare in the shape of a pike guarding his treasure.

As Loke seeks gold to save his friends he decides to capture the dwarf Andvare that was known to have a large golden treasure. But as he takes the Andvares treasure the dwarf casts a curse upon the golden ring named Andvaranaut. “Who ever holds this ring will die” Or something catchy like that. So there he is, a pike.

Tomorrow morning at 6 I’ll be off to my blacksmith friend and forge some props for my sculptures.
Also I have to go by my supplier for more clay.

Loke gets a quest

Loke does some thinking

Loke not so trustworthy

By the time Reidmar find out what the gods had done to his son, Loke has to figure out a way to bring enough gold to both fill and cover the skin of Utter as compensation for the loss.
I figure Loke is a bit of a opportunist so he might consider a way to make some mischief.


oden_aSo here he is. The mighty Oden 🙂
Why doesn’t he have any clothes? Well I figured, what has he got to hide?
So here he is about to be bound as Loke get’s the quest to find the gold that they need to pay Reidmar for killing his son Utter