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Take it one step further

eggIn this age of change (as is every age). I figured I’d put my background to use.

This applies to you that have a iOS device.

1. Install the free app called “AR-Player” from Inglobe Technologies.2. Scan the QR-code in this post. (QR-code reader app called “scan” worked well for me)
3. Open the linked file in AR-Player

4. Update the library in the bottom left corner.

5. Select the uploaded file called rakuegg

6. Press the red/green icon of a eye (Tap to augment)

7. Aim your camera towards the QR-code on screen or even better on a piece of paper that you printed.

8. Enjoy

Next event



It’s been decided for quite some time now.

I’ll have a new exhibition this summer. The location is no where near home. The gallery is located in Omne just north of Sundsvall and the date is 20/7 – 27/7. The theme this time is “Vittra

Hope to see you there.

Here’s a taste of what I’m working on at the moment.

Day 4

creative beard

creative beard

opening day

opening day

I finally got a hold of some images to share. It’s not much but they do represent that day to some degree. Yes that’s me in the beard.

Visitors have come up to me after taking the tour in the exhibition hall and declared that they are “struck” and “emotionally moved”. And I really don’t know what to say but “thanks”. I had no such intention. I only wanted to create something that people could enjoy without a degree in arts. Enjoy the way I enjoy having a beer. Working on the subject from a illustrators point of view the goal was to tell the story. Little did I know that these pieces of clay would carry such emotion. I have really enjoyed these last months immensely. If these last days shows that I actually can do this then the next logical step has to be to do this elsewhere. In a location where I’m a total stranger. A nobody. Nyköping is after all my home turf and surely that does influence the balance.

Any suggestions?


Day one

Yesterday was fantastic!

Visitors started poring in before we opened and the stream of family, friends and wonderful people never stopped. We tried to keep track but we lost could at 250+ I can’t remember that I ever talked this much in a day. I actually think I do have some muscle ache in my jaw 🙂

There are so many people I’d like to thank. But above all my family, my mother and Annica Edwall without them this would never have happened. I was so busy interacting with visitors that I forgot to take photos. I’ll have to ask for some from those who took so I can share with you.

I feel like a bird testing my wings. And you all came as the helping wind taking me away on an adventure for life.

I should also thank Joakim Kempff, Don Seegmiller, Philip Straub, Steven Stalberg and David Ehlert, Ryan Kingslien. And the on-line communities such as Conceptart, zbrushcentral, CGhub among others where crit, inspiration and knowledge flow freely to help and grow other artists.

Sculpts and prints

Sculpts and prints

What you see isn’t what you get

I heard a friend toady say that “well I don’t see the point in going since you already posted your sculpts on the blog” He couldn’t be more wrong. Well to some degree it’s true. Yes I have shown a lot of them but not all of them and there are only two final pieces in the blog. You really have to come and see the final sculpts the way they are supposed to be experienced.

I should take the opportunity to thank Daniel Viberg for beeing most supportive on this entire project and letting me use his font. Visit his awesome site dawnland – Visual Experiences

My mother Lena Wellander (one of the greatest artist and sources of inspiration) for being there, supporting and letting me use her facilities.

LEON for helping me with the prints for the visual story telling part of the exhibition.

My wife Malena for everything!

Five days to go


Icing on top

Icing on top

Helmet with gold

Helmet with gold

While some sculptures are getting their final love, others still have some harsh treatment ahead of them.

Tomorrow I will do all of the burning that is left and start to take the pictures needed to tell the story.

Hope to see you all soon and I truly hope you all will experience something new.

First ones out of the second burning

I'll fix that in post

Post process

Oden Final

Oden Final

So finally it was time to find out what they wanted to look like. When working in raku you only get that much say. The elements are really at work. So go with the flow.
I did loose the head on one Sigurd sculpt and the green glaze I had doesn’t appeal to me but that’s all part of the adventure.

Second batch is now getting their first burning and will be out in a couple of days.

Do you want to help to fulfill my dream? Please spread the word about my exhibition!
Thanks everyone

Two weeks to go

Glaze is on

Glaze is on

So I had a bit of a set back when first the kids got ill and then digital work demanded a week of production time.  But, I got to work with the great artist Mikael Pauli and his interior design for one of  the new subway stations in Stockholm. This was a fantastic experience  and as always great to work with other artists and share their visions.
But now I’m back on track. Today I did the glazing on the first batch and they are heading into the furnace for the second burning tomorrow. Yes as you can see in the picture Loke broke his ankles on the way in to the first burning. So I’m making a new one.
I’ll post some more images tomorrow. Hopefully they’ll be masterpieces. Might be a pile of dust.
In the end “Everything will burn” 🙂

Not today anymore is it?

So it’s after midnight. And i actually thought I’d make it today 🙂

Long day with meetings in Stockholm. Last days of production as the sculpts need to dry before burning I can’t go on creating new pieces until the very end. Horses are great creatures and make good practise. Here is tonight’s sculpt. Need to fix those hind legs before hitting my head unconscious against a pillow.

Horse with live model

Horse with live model