Sigurd Fafnesbane and other virtual heroes

bamseThis is the name of the exhibition. Well I feel that the word “other” craves more than the two fan art pieces that you can see in earlier post.

Actually the whole fan art part sprung from the idea that I as a illustrator have to be able to communicate art also to those who can’t relate to a tale that is 1000 years old. And I think that there are so many strong characters that will look great as raku sculpts. Well I guess we’ll all see when the day comes. Hopefully everyone can take a piece to heart.

Besides, sculpting something that is already designed is rather restful. It’s much more of a mental game to create something from within your self.

Keep your fingers crossed. First batch is still baking slowly cooling down to be examined tomorrow evening.

Yes Regin looses his head. If you come down to the gallery next month you get to see what the body is up to 🙂

Regins head

Regins head