Two ravens


Time for the birds sitting in the tree behind Sigurd having a debate regarding the outcome of the event being played out before them. I was glad that I held back on the scales for the last dragon. Birds however do have a lot of feathers. And I really liked the way they came out. But it took forever. No more birds. Well maybe some more but they will be more of a lump on a stick.

It’s time to do some beheading. Sigurd is in for a big sweeping motion with a sword in hand. And Regin is about to loose his head.

Also I removed the automatic share with Facebook and LinkedIn. That will allow me to see if I have any dedicated followers 🙂 and also the impact I get when I make a post that is shared.
I also Think that people are less inclined to click and look if I post every day. So there will be daily updates or so but only weekly push by the means of other social media.

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