First post

On my 40 birthday I got a exhibition as a present from my fantastic wife. Today that opening day, the 8th of march is not so far away. I have decided on a topic and started making my sculpts 10 days ago. My goal is to make an average of one sculpt/day. The topic of the exhibit is the thousand year old tale of Sigurd Fafners bane.

In short the story of Sigurd Fafners bane is the Nordic version of the german Nibelungenlied.

So I’ll have to create quite a numner of characters for the exhibit where I’ll set them up in different scenes from the story.
The gods: Oden, Loke, Höner
The father: of three sons Reidmar
The sons:
Utter (that gets slain by the gods as he was shapeshifted into a otter)
Regin: the blacksmith
Fafner: The shapeshifter that slays his father to get a hold of the gold that the gods payed as fine for slaying Reidmars son Utter. He then guards the treasure in the shape of a dragon.
Sigurd the son in law to the prins of Denmark
And a bunch of other characters I’ll present as I proceed.

The idéa is that you’ll be able to follow my progress from start to finnish on this project.
I’ll end up burning the sculpts in Raku technique.