Sleipner part two


Turns out to work better than I expected. Here Sleipner is laying on his back on a soft pillow to keep the shape. In the top two images there is a leg going straight down. that one will support the entire sculpt when mounted. Tomorrow I’ll apply the mane and tail and do the final touches. Will have to find a sloping stone to get a proper balance on the final sculpt.

New method


These animals with thin legs are rather hard to make without armature. So this time I’m testing a new method where I make front and back as separate pieces. If all works as planned I should be able to fuse the two parts without to much trouble. I think that making horses are kind of daunting since I don’t really know what they look like. But yesterday I made my homework and by making this mythological beast I’ll find them all easier in the future. At least they usually come with half the number of legs 🙂


New year, new site and new sculptures

2013 was a game changer for me. I followed up with a three week exhibition at FOI in  Linköping in december and fired off the year with a out door installment at Bryggeriet on the annual “New years walk” 🙂

New year walk 2013

I have also taken the time to construct a site to promote the art that I do. The Sculptures section has some but not all of the pieces that I made during 2013. The Digital section is very sparse. It does not really show that I have been working with digital communication and visualisations since -96 but I’ll post more as I find the time and things get public.

Yes there are plans for 2014. In march I’ll be represented at Galleri Hantverket Götgatan 67 in Stockholm. There I’ll have a selection of sculptures for sale. But more on that topic as we get closer in time. There are also plans for a second exhibit at Galleri Handmade in September.

I wish you all a great 2014!

Two more weeks to go


guardian_of_the_woodsInitiated by Pelle Wichmann and invited by the same I now get to exhibit some sculptures at Fåfängan i Nyköping. They have an autumn market on the 6th of October and Pelle has arranged an “Art path” in the woods. Pelle will show some of his cool concrete art and I will try to complement him with creatures that can feel at home in the woods.


No forest without a troll.

Opening day


To day is the day. We arrived during the afternoon and set up the exhibition during the evening. It’s as much storytelling setting up the exhibition as creating the actual sculpts or taking pictures of them.

I hope some of you have the time  to come.

By the way, the pike didn’t make it. It blew up on me. I new I was pushing my luck with that one. I just didn’t give it all the love it needed. Next time it will be better and actually survive the furnace 🙂

Pushing the artist

I wanted to make a sculpture that defied the laws of material, gravity and balance.It was a great step to work in stone, steel and clay in union. I’ve had it sitting since may but I finally got it mounted today.

Europe carried away by Zeus

Europe carried away by Zeus