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Time to work

I have been kept busy most of the winter working on Kolmårdens new map for their visitors.
Now that I have the time I really enjoy letting my mind go into free fall.

It came from the sea Don't call me drunk!

Spring release!

Ten cows make up this piece picturing the spring release of cattle.

I’ll take a photo of them outdoor to accompany the horse picture made for the #gestures.

Bronze sculptures

Releasing the cows

Exhibition page for #gestures

I just published a page to display the content of my exhibition #gestures that was a total success! The interaction with the visitors writing the emotions of the sculptures on small pieces of paper worked better than expected. By putting them back side up you could write your thoughts and then turn and see what others had written before you.  Lot’s of interesting thoughts were shared from the early birds to the very last visitor.

I will update it shortly with more images and the words that people wrote.

Go here or use the menu under “sculptures”

Out of the mold

Here he is. Sleipner. With a giants stallion as his father and Loke as his mother this was the king of horses and Odins mount. This bronze cast is more or less straight out of the mold. You can still see where the cracks in the mold has caused some leaking along his back.




Taking the horse to the next medium

vaxhastHere is one of the horses that I will cast in bronze tomorrow.
What you see is the wax version with channels made out of wood. This was all put into a mold last Friday. By tomorrow the wax will be gone, the wood burned to nothing and the water will have evaporated.

Sleipner part two


Turns out to work better than I expected. Here Sleipner is laying on his back on a soft pillow to keep the shape. In the top two images there is a leg going straight down. that one will support the entire sculpt when mounted. Tomorrow I’ll apply the mane and tail and do the final touches. Will have to find a sloping stone to get a proper balance on the final sculpt.