Carl Wellander

For the love of art.

Having worked with advertising and 3D graphics for 15 years. The time was ripe for something new. The change came in the shape of a gift from my wife on my 40th birthday in 2012. She gave me an exhibition scheduled one year later 9/24 -2013. So since January 2013 I have been working with clay on a more regular basis.

Exhibitions 2013
Handmade, Nyköping – Sigurd Fafnesbane 9-24/3
Omne – Vittra 20-27/7
Fåfängan, Nyköping – Art path in the woods 6/10.
FOI, Linköping 20/11 – 10/12

I still work as a 3D illustrator. I just find it more humane to work the clay. Now days I spend what ever time I get sculpting with my hands.

I find that sculptures are made to be experienced outdoor and for that reason I have to take a step towards a more outdoor friendly material. So now it’s time to move on to new territories and explore bronze and wood.

The studio that I share with my wife is located at Bryggeriet in Nyköping where we try to be as often as we can.

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